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We at Adyamoni Group called Channel Partner as our Business Associates, keeping ethos of group we support our Authorized Business Associates not only by giving then Official Kit but also trained and do the hand holding to achieve their goal and growth.

Name of the Firm:

Name of the Owner / Partner / Director:



Address of Registered Office:

Telephone Nos.:

Mobile Nos.:

Name of Contact Person:

Email Address:


I/We am/are interested in being appointed as an Authorized Business Associates (ABA) for Residential/ Commercial Projects of your Company and hereby apply for the appointment as the Business Associates of the company.


I/We hereby agree to execute necessary Agreement in this regard with the Company and undertake to strictly abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in the Agreement and such other directions, instructions etc. of the company given to me/us from time to time in this regard.

 I/We do hereby declare that the above particulars given by me/us are true and correct and nothing material information has been concealed. I/We further understand that my/our appointment as an Authorized Business Associate is entirely at the discretion of the company and mere filling of application with the company does not entitle me to act as Authorized Business Associate of the company. I/We hereby confirm that we will abide by RERA guidelines in any duration, will be solely responsible and answerable.

By clicking the submit button I agree to all Terms & Conditions for appointment as Authorized Business Associated of Adyamoni Developers Pvt. Limited.

Thanks for submitting!

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